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Hotel Devbhoomi(3 Star), a Luxurious hotel located at Barkot situated at the Heart of Yamuna valley. Barkot is 175 Km away from Haridwar (7 hrs), 148 Km from Jolly Grant Air Port Dehradun (6 hrs), and 346 Km from Delhi (12hrs).

Barkot is ideal place to stay for pilgrims visiting Yamunotri,Lakhamandal & Hanol.Yamunotri is considered as starting Dham for Char Dham Yatra. Yamunotri is 49 Km from Barkot. Barkot is last town before Yamunotri with all facilities like Medical Banking and Hotels etc.

Hotel Devbhoomi is a professionally managed hotel with special stress on Cleanliness and Hygiene with spacious rooms in various Categories. It is only hotel at Barkot with ample parking facility for all types of Vehicles.